JAMIE LEW is an artist and culture creator—

an art director, illustrator, video designer, graphic designer, filmmaker, producer, dancer, and strong independent woman. 


Her passion for pop culture and the ephemeral nature of live performance has led her to work with visionaries such as Amy Tinkham / Zixi Inc., Josh Zangen, Nick Whitehouse, Nikos Lagousakos, Nina McNeely, Tom Buderwitz, and Takeshi Kata for clients such as Harry Belafonte, James Taylor, Sokamba Performing Arts Company, Dancing with the Stars, Ringling Bros. Circus, Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Paula Abdul, Disney Junior Channel, and Disney Music Group. Whether producing artistic renderings or developing the emotional content of a performance, Jamie is ultimately interested in creating the moment when every member of an audience feels oddly at home, sitting in a theatre full of strangers.


Related ambitions include: Operatic Pop Shows, Scenic & Projection Design for Dance, Storytelling with Stage, Achieving the Gesamtkunstwerk, Collaborating with any and/or all of the following—Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Oprah Winfrey, Marina Abramovic, Robert Wilson, Oh Land, Yoko Ono, Yayoi Kusama, Nicola Formichetti, Alexander McQueen, Maya Angelou, Andy Warhol, Richard Wagner, you.

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